Cover Reveal + Excerpt: SEAFIRE is MAD MAX Meets Ocean Adventure

Mad Max: Fury Road swept through theaters and emboldened women everywhere with a fierce feminist message, so it’s no surprise that powerful female camaraderie is also coming to the forefront in YA literature.

One upcoming example is Natalie C. Parker‘s Seafire, the first in a new series that follows Caledonia Styx, an orphan turned pirate ship captain who’s taken on a crew of women and girls with the same mission: To destroy the warlord Aric Athair and his army, known as the Bullets, who murdered and tore apart their families.

That’s right, lady pirates on a quest for sweet vengeance! ‘Scuse us while we run to preorder.

And on top of that killer description, EW has the official cover for Seafire and an excerpt!

Just before dawn, Caledonia climbed into the aft rigging of her ship. The ropes were rough against her calloused palms as she scaled fifty feet of the mizzenmast, confident and sure, her hands and feet flying faster and faster, daring the sun to beat her to the top. The sky filled with the hazy blue glow of dawn, and Caledonia pushed harder, relishing the first kiss of sweat against her skin.

She’d scarcely reached her chosen perch when she yelled to the team of girls on deck below, “Haul!”

Eager voices repeated the command, and four sets of strong hands took hold of the lines and heaved. Along the mast, pulleys squealed and churned; Caledonia kept her eyes on the gaff beam moving toward her.

“Break!” She shouted as the gaff rose level with her chest. From it hung their treasured sun sail; hundreds of shiny black scales made to absorb solar energy and feed their engines.

The girls below began to secure the ropes while Caledonia moved to balance atop the beam. The morning wind that was so gentle on deck was bracing this far up, and a constant tension whirled in her stomach. Leaving one hand to grip the ropes, she stretched to retrieve the peak anchor and pull it down, snapping the cable in place.

The horizon was burning yellow now, and the approach of the sun brought a smile to Caledonia’s lips. Below, she could see Amina perched on the starboard railing, tracking her with shrewd eyes. It wasn’t necessary for the captain to secure the sail. Any one of Amina’s Knots could do this just as easily as Caledonia, but this moment was unlike any other aboard the Mors Navis, and Caledonia craved the feeling of the world at her feet.

“Trim to port!” she called.

The sail angled toward sunrise just as the first gentle rays slid across the surface of the ocean. Light climbed the hull to paint the girls in their boldest strokes for just a second before it reached the black plates of the sun sail.

It was like fire.


Seafire hits bookshelves on August 28, 2018. You can preorder it now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or IndieBound.

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