Cover Reveal for Margaret Stohl’s Marvel YA Book, FOREVER RED

Cover Reveal for Margaret Stohl’s Marvel YA Book, FOREVER RED

If you didn’t know it already, Margaret Stohl was approached by the Disney/Marvel universe of literature if she could write a book about one of Marvel’s kick-ass heroine superheros, Black Widow.  For Margaret, it probably wasn’t that hard to think about, and now we have the cover reveal of her upcoming Marvel YA book Black Widow: Forever Red, based on Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a. Black Widow. published a little blurb about it and the cover in their magazine, which Dangerous Creatures co-author Kami Garcia happily tweeted out.

Cover reveal for Black Widow: Forever Red

In the blurb, it talks about how Black Widow is not a sidekick, which Margaret Stohl proves in the book.

After appearing in more than four films and dozens of comics over 50 years, the superspy redhead (played on screen by Scarlett Johansson) is finally getting her due with the October debut of Marvel’s Black Widow: Forever Red.

Natasha’s story will bring her from New York to Eastern Europe, giving us more of her backstory than ever before.  And it’s all about the action as Stohl explains, “I’ve never thought the most interesting things about Natasha were her romances.  What’s most compelling is her psyche.  I get to write about one of the most complicated and kick-ass Marvel characters of all time.”

Source: Once Upon a Twilight!

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