Cover Reveal: GIVEN TO THE EARTH By Mindy McGinnis

Dara is on a mission on the new cover for GIVEN TO THE EARTH!

Penguin Teen has the first look at the cover for Mindy McGinnisGiven To The Earth, the follow-up to this year’s Given To The Sea!

The first novel follows Khosa, a girl destined to be a sacrifice “given” to the ocean as part of her kingdom’s belief that such sacrifices will keep away the ocean’s destructive wrath. Before she can be sacrificed, she must produce an heir. But Khosa can’t stand physical touch from anyone other than the magical Indiri tribe, which is currently two members shy of total extinction– Dara and Donil. However, when a prince offers Khosa the opportunity to avoid death all together, Khosa may have to forsake her kingdom and her desires just to stay alive.

The final book in the duology follows Khosa in a very different role as Dara seeks revenge against the enemy who destroyed her tribe.

Given To The Earth‘s cover reflects a shift in story, according to McGinnis:

In many ways, Given To The Sea focused on Khosa, and Given To The Earth gives center stage to Dara. She’s given a 1st person POV, as well as the opening chapter. Since Dara is the focus of this book, she gets the cover, too!

Duty, fate, desire, and destiny collide in this intricately wrought tale, perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas.

Although she was born to save the kingdom by sacrificing herself to the rising sea, Khosa’s marriage to King Vincent has redeemed her. As the Queen of Stille, she’s untouchable. But being Queen hasn’t stopped her heart from longing for the King’s stepbrother, Donil. And it hasn’t stopped her body from longing for the sea itself, which still calls for her.

While Khosa is made to choose between loyalty and love, Dara is on a mission for vengeance. Years ago, the Pietra slaughtered the entire Indiri race, leaving only Dara and her twin, Donil, alive. Now, spurned by King Vincent, Dara has embarked on a mission to spill the blood of Pietra’s leader, Witt, and will stop at nothing to show his people the wrath of the last Indiri.

As the waves crash ever closer to Stille, secrets are revealed, hearts are won and lost, and allegiances change like the shifting sand.

Given To The Earth hits bookshelves on April 10, 2018. You can pre-order it now via Amazon.

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