Lauren Oliver’s clone thriller REPLICA gets a dazzling cover!

We’ve been really intrigued by author Lauren Oliver’s upcoming novel, Replica, ever since in was announced. Based on an everyday girl named Gemma and her human model or replica, Lyra, the book can be read three different ways: Gemma’s individual story, Lyra’s individual story, or both stories as once, revealing a larger picture.

Of course, a story with so many options is bound to have a trippy, ever-changing cover, right? Right! Check out that crazy holographic design (and a look at the still images, so you can get a better idea!)


Entertainment Weekly, who debuted the new cover, also asked Lauren Oliver some questions about the book!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’m intrigued by this book — but I don’t completely understand it. Can you explain it in your words?
It’s two books in one, basically, and each of the books is told from a different person’s perspective. They are independent in that each story has a full arc on its own, and you can read it straight through. You don’t need to reference the other story in order for it to have a complete meaning. But they’re interdependent in the sense that, by reading them together, you get a much fuller picture and understanding of the whole story. It tells a third story that’s much larger.

What part almost killed you?
First of all, moving the characters through time the same way. In each chapter, if you are reading them in alternating passages, time has to be progressing in the same way. The reader can’t have to move back and forth in time when they’re alternating, so that was difficult. But also, just pacing out the information so that all three ways of reading it are viable. It’s hard enough in a novel to figure out where and how reveals should happen, and how they’re going to impact the rest of the story. But when you’re doing it in three ways, it’s even harder.

Are you worried that people will be intimidated, or “pre-confused” by the book?

“Pre-confused,” that’s great. Can we make that a word? I haven’t been [worried] until you asked me! I’m just kidding. I mean, maybe. But you can literally pick it up and do whatever you want with it, and you’ll come away with something. I was pre-confused for you, is what you need to know, so you can be “post-not-confused.” Because any way you pick it up, except by inventing a sheer, new way of reading a book that doesn’t exist, you’re going to have a great experience.


Replica hits bookshelves on October 4, 2016. You can pre-order it now.

By Molly

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