COVER REVEAL: Rick Yancey’s THE LAST STAR, Final Book In THE 5TH WAVE Trilogy

Hope lingers on the horizon in THE LAST STAR book cover!

Cassie Sullivan and her allies from The 5th Wave trilogy are going to make their big screen debut in January 2016, but in book form, their story will come to an end next spring with The Last Star.

USA Today revealed the cover for the final book in the trilogy today, which continues the covers’ backlit theme and features “wings” in the distance as an owl reference, which fans of the series will understand as a reference to the aliens.


Speaking with the publication, Rick Yancey says that absolutely nothing is sacred in the final novel and nobody’s safety is guaranteed.

“I always try to approach this not so much as YA, and that really frees me. I’m not married to anything that readers have come to expect from young-adult to date. I really wanted to explore and explode those boundaries.”

Yancey even had a quick exchange with film star Chloe Grace Moretz about the book’s title on Twitter:

The Last Star is out May 17, 2016. The 5th Wave movie hits theaters on January 15, 2016.

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