Cover reveal for WE KNOW IT WAS YOU by Maggie Thrash

We get the cover reveal for author Maggie Thrash’s upcoming book We Know It Was You, and find out what inspired her to write this Twin Peaks meets Pretty Little Liars tale

Honor Girl author Maggie Thrash has written a new book that has been described as a Twin Peaks meets Pretty Little Liars mystery, and Entertainment Weekly got to talk a little bit about We Know It Was You with the author.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What inspired We Know It Was You?
MAGGIE THRASH: I wanted to write a mystery that shows that teenagers can solve their own stuff without adult interference. Adults are totally clueless about what’s going on in young people’s minds. So none of the characters are conveniently the daughter of the police chief or something. They don’t need that. Teens can figure out anything– including murder.

What more can you tell us about the book’s plot?
Imagine this: you’re at a high school football game, and suddenly the mascot runs from the field and jumps off a bridge. That’s where the book starts. And what it becomes is a pair of kids realizing that there are layers and layers of weirdness existing under their perfect-seeming society.

What are you most excited for readers to see?
The tensions of the South, teen characters in control, murder most foul. It’ll be weird and meta for Honor Girl readers, because they see Maggie Thrash as a character, and now this character has created a world of characters. I’m excited for non-Honor Girl readers to get into this too, plus BOYS. Hopefully boys today are over the idiotic idea that because an author is female, the book isn’t for them.

Why did you think prose fiction was the best medium for this story, as opposed to another graphic novel?
If We Know It Was You were a graphic novel, it would be 2,000 pages long. Plus, for me, comics are about dealing with personal emotions. This book isn’t about me, it’s about the characters and the story.

Read the complete interview here.

We Know It Was You cover


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