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Creator of THE WALKING DEAD Affirms Andrew Lincoln’s Exit

Creator of THE WALKING DEAD, Robert Kirkman, confirms rumors about Andrew Lincoln are true.

During an interview for IMDb at SDCC on Thursday, Kirkman confirmed that season 9 of The Walking Dead will be the final season for Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes. Kirkman is clearly saddened over the loss of Lincoln, saying, “This is someone I have known for almost a decade, somebody that I love.” However, Lincoln–not Grimes–has to be the priority. Kirkman went on to say, “…At the end of the day, it’s all about Andrew Lincoln…He’s been sweating in Georgia, away from his family for so long.”

Kirkman encouraged The Walking Dead fans to keep watching, as the show has something “amazing planned” for Rick Grimes in season 9. Kirkman expressed that Lincoln, “…cares about the fans. He cares about the show deeply. He wants to do something special on the way out.”

Rick Grimes fans needn’t be fully heartbroken, however, as Lincoln’s exit from The Walking Dead series is not synonymous with Grimes’ role in the Walking Dead comics. Rick Grimes will remain an active character in the comics.

The Walking Dead‘s ninth season premieres on AMC in October 2018.


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