THE CROODS 2 release date pushed back to 2018

THE CROODS 2, initially set to be released on December 22, has been pushed back to an unknown date in 2018. 

The Croods was a major motion picture set in the prehistoric era that plunges a family, the Croods, into great danger as the world changes around them. After its release Dreamworks Animation decided to create a sequel, The Croods 2.

The Croods was released in March 2013, starring Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage, along with others. The movie was a huge success and grossed $587.2 million from its initial production of $135 million.

This success ultimately made DreamWorks Animation decide to create The Croods 2. This movie was initially set to be released on Dec. 22, 2017, but Fox decided to push it back to 2018 and move The Story of Ferdinand into The Croods initial release date.

And while Fox has made this decision and countless others on when a movie should be released, its position in making these decisions will remain uncertain since NBCUniversal just acquired DreamWorks animation in April.

The Croods 2 will have the same cast, along with two additional characters portrayed by Leslie Mann and Kat Dennings, and same directors, who are Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders.  Brothers Kevin and Dan Hageman have been hired on by Dreamworks Animation to rewrite the sequel’s script. 


If Hageman brothers might be familiar to you as they helped write The Lego Movie story and the upcoming sequel, The Lego Ninjago Movie. Their other writing credits include Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and Hotel Transylvania. They will also serve as executive producers for the upcoming animated TV series, Trollhunters, which is based on a book written by Guillermo del Toro.

While you wait for the new release date for The Croods 2, check out these other movies set to be released in 2017: Trolls on Nov. 4, Boss Baby on March 31, and Captain Underpants on June 22.

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