CRUSH, Book Two of the CRAVE series, is coming this fall

For those of you who loved Crave by Tracy Wolff, you’ll be happy to know that the release date for Crush, book two of the series, has been moved up to this year!

Yes, there’s a little bit of good news in 2020, and that is the arrival of book two of Tracy Wolff’s YA vampire series, Crush, is now set to happen on September 29, 2020, just six months after Crave was released!

We’re not sure why the early release, but we aren’t complaining about it.

We definitely are looking forward to delving back into the paranormal world of this private school for vampires, dragons, shifters, and witches that Tracy has conjured up.

Sexy vampires is a thing again, and Jaxon Vega is part of the reason why. What kind of chaos will her stir this time around? And we are so very curious about Grace and want to know what kind of trouble she can cause as well, especially knowing what she is now.

So, it’s time to pre-order your copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Bookshop!

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