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CW Developing Gladiator Series Based On Lesley Livingston’s THE VALIANT

Lesley Livingston’s YA take on the gladiator era may be heading to TV!

CW is looking to head back to the height of ancient Rome with the development of a new series based on Lesley Livingston‘s YA series The Valiant!

The series follows a Celtic princess named Fallon who is captured by slavers while trying to escape an arranged marriage that would keep her from taking part in her warrior society. Fallon is tested on a devastating journey to Rome, where she is sold as a female gladiator and must fight in gruesome battles in hopes of earning her freedom.

According to Variety, Laurie Arent (NCIS: New Orleans) will write and serve as executive producer on the series. Mary Beth Basile (October Road) will co-executive produce.

Author Lesley Livingston gave a very short statement to share her excitement via Twitter:

The Valiant is out now. You can check out our review or order it for yourself via Amazon.

The second book in the series, The Defiant, hits bookshelves on February 13, 2018. You can preorder it now via Amazon.

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