Dad Watches STAR WARS With His Son For The First Time And It’s Adorable

This father/son STAR WARS experience will make you smile!

There’s a lot of Star Wars hype right now, but not everyone is in the know, especially in the younger generations. That’s why How To Be A Dad‘s Andy Herald decided he would introduce his 6-year-old son to the universe before he found out too much from friends or got too excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens without knowing much about the originals.

I’d been getting a little anxious with the swiftly approaching release of The Force Awakens. I wanted my little lad to see A New Hope and its original cast of characters — Luke, Han, Vader and crew — before he learned any more friggin’ spoilers, or got hyper interested the new movie before he’d had the chance to start at the beginning. The proper beginning!

The boy has some basic knowledge of the Star Wars universe, but still had plenty of questions about “Dark Vader”, “light savers” and much, much more as he watches Star Wars: A New Hope! Andy even kept count!

As adorable as the kiddo is, we couldn’t help but also smile at Andy’s supreme geek-outs throughout the major moments!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out December 18th, so now is a great time to introduce the younger generations to a galaxy far, far away!

By Molly

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