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Dancing With The Stars Features OUTLANDER Theme Song!

Watch as Dancing With The Stars dance to OUTLANDER’S theme song in their team dance competition!

In last nights team dance competition of Dancing With The Stars Team Past took on their Viennese Waltz with the hauntingly beautiful theme song The Skye Boat Song. Composed by Bear McCreary featuring Raya Yarbrough The Skye Boat Song just so happens to be the theme song for Starz Historical Drama Outlander.outlander-204-

There was no mention of the TV show during the presentation but fans of the historical drama can spot the recognizable song from anywhere. It became known once the internet got a whiff of the dance.

Team Past consisted of celebrity dancers Ryan Lochte, Maureen McCormick, Calvin Johnson, and James Hinchcliffe. The set was dim and a bit sultry with the red lighting almost matching Outlander’s season 3 promo theme.

Though the live rendition was missing the famous bagpipes in last nights performance the song and dance were just as amazing. Watch the video below:

Source: EW; Video from Dancing With The Stars


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