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DAREDEVIL Finds His Newest Ally In Actor Stephen Rider

Stephen Rider will play District Attorney Blake Tower!

Marvel’s Daredevil is giving Matt Murdock a new ally– One that’s a little more stable and a little less bloodthirsty than Elektra or The Punisher!

Stephen Rider will play Blake Tower, a New York City District Attorney that passes along important details about notorious criminals to Daredevil in order to help him catch the baddies. In the comics, Rider beats out Foggy Nelson for the DA role thanks to interference from various Hell’s Kitchen baddies unrelated to Rider himself, but it doesn’t look like things will go down that way on the show.

It’s also important to note that Rider plays a big role in taking down The Purple Man in the comics. That villain will be played by none other than David Tennant on Marvel’s Jessica Jones, which means the character has some definite crossover potential. Character crossover is something Marvel and Netflix are using regularly, it seems, with multiple show appearances for Luke Cage (appearing on Jessica Jones before getting his own show), Claire Temple (Daredevil, Luke Cage), Misty Knight (Luke Cage, Iron Fist), and more.

Of course, all the Netflix-based Marvel heroes will meet up for an ensemble series, The Defenders, within the next few years.

Stephen Rider is known for his roles in Lee Daniel’s The Butler, Shameless, and Lucky 7.



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