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Dark Hook Takes Over In ONCE UPON A TIME ‘Broken Heart’ Previews

‘Broken Heart’ previews show Hook’s mission as a Dark One!

Once Upon A Time dropped a major twist on audiences last week when it revealed that Emma aka The Dark Swan was not the only Dark One in town. In an effort to save Hook from death, Emma also turned him into a Dark One. Now, we’ll see the fallout from that action as Hook adjusts to his new evil influences in ‘Broken Heart’!

Three new previews are giving up an idea what to expect. In a somewhat humorous twist, Hook believes he’s found The Crocodile the first time he meets Rumpelstiltskin in the forest. Hook doesn’t want to be influenced by the darkness, but Rumple has an idea that’s too good to resist.

With the plan firmly planted in his head, Hook isn’t afraid to challenge Mr. Gold to a fight to the death. Is this hook getting revenge for Emma deep down?

Emma is certainly feeling the heat from her mother and Regina after turning Hook. They have a plan to help save both Emma and Hook, but the spirit of The Dark One is already one step ahead of them.

Once Upon A Time‘s ‘Broken Heart’ airs tonight on ABC.

Official Episode Synopsis:

In a Camelot flashback, Hook becomes a Dark One and his lust for revenge against Rumplestiltskin is reignited. When Emma and Hook disagree about their best course of action, the final pieces of the puzzle are revealed as events in Camelot catch up to the present and we witness a charged confrontation between the forces of light and dark that sends our heroes on a collision course with destiny. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Hook’s centuries old lust for revenge against Gold puts both of their fates in jeopardy while Emma’s love faces the ultimate test as she tries to convince Hook to turn away from the darkness before she, Mary Margaret, David and Regina embark on a new mission as an unsuspected evil is released.

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