Dashner Chat Recap

James Dashner just finished his monthly Twitter Q & A session. The chat was very movie centered because of all of the recent castings as well as the fact that James was on the set in Baton Rouge talking to director Wes Ball as well as producer Wyck Godfrey earlier today. If you weren’t following along all hour, here are a few of the highlights.

I say this with complete, total, 100% honesty: I think our cast for this film is perfect. #dashnerchat

-James Dashner (@jamesdashner) April 25, 2013


Final comment on the movie. Wes Ball is supernaturally gifted and visionary. We are all very lucky to have him in charge. #dashnerchat

-James Dashner (@jamesdashner) April 25, 2013

James has mentioned things similar to this on multiple other occasions and it really seems that this movie is in good hands!

Also: At dinner I used the word “if” about the other movies and got in trouble. I was corrected. “when”. Boom. #dashnerchat

-James Dashner (@jamesdashner) April 25, 2013

As it has been said on numerous occasions, the people who are making this movie are in love with the source material and their passion for this project is a really good sign as to what we can expect as a final product, including the future addaptions of ‘The Scorch Trials’ and ‘The Death Cure’.

In case you missed it, director Wes Ball has promised that I will have a cameo in the movie. #nextbradpitt#dashnerchat

-James Dashner (@jamesdashner) April 25, 2013

Now we know one Easter Egg to look out for on February 14th! Who do you think he will play? He said he was not going to be Rat Man, but you never know…

What did you think about this month’s Dashner Chat? Does any of this information coming from James help ease your fears about who is making this movie and how they are doing so? Let us know in the comments!

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