#DashnerDash Hangout: James Dashner Talks THE MAZE RUNNER, Teases THE FEVER CODE

Look back at the original MAZE RUNNER book and look forward to THE FEVER CODE with James Dashner!

James Dashner’s The Maze Runner was released in 2009 and the story has gone on a whirlwind adventure since! The original trilogy gained so much momentum that it was optioned for film– two of which have already hit the big screen, with the third on the way– and was followed by a prequel story, The Kill Order.

Now a second prequel, The Fever Code, is on the way and James Dashner is going all the way back to the beginning to celebrate!

The author took part in the first of four monthly #DashnerDash video hangouts leading up the release of The Fever Code. This one was all about The Maze Runner but the chat also gave us a look into the first two chapters of the highly anticipated new book as well!

Next month’s #DashnerDash hangout will focus in on the second book in the original trilogy, The Scorch Trials. Be sure to join in!

The Fever Code hits bookshelves on September 27, 2016. You can pre-order it on Amazon now.

The Fever Code

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