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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD EP Answers Question That Has Been Eating You Alive

The answers to that Fear the Walking Dead question we’ve all been asking: Can zombies swim?

Coming into season two of Fear the Walking Dead, there’s only one question on our minds. fear the walking dead question

The main characters of the show have boarded the mysterious Victor Strand’s yacht, hoping to evade the continuing horror of the zombie apocalypse. The new poster paints a grim picture of the characters’ futures, hinting that zombies still haunt the lives of the survivors even at sea.

With the living characters taking to the sea, will zombies still follow?

“Zombies can’t swim. They can wade,” answered Executive Producer Dave Erickson. “That’s something we experimented with when we shot the first episode. We’ve figured out the best ways to shoot water zombies. They don’t drown. They keep floating back up.”

But even with the zombies stuck on land, the characters won’t have the chance to relax.

fear the walking dead question“It is not gonna be “The Love Boat” with zombies. There’s gonna be high adventure on the high seas; there’s going to be danger and I think we throw a lot at these characters, especially in the first half of the season,” he promised.

On top of potential interactions with zombies, it seems that other survivors have the same idea when it comes to land vs. sea.

“The good thing about The Abigail is that as a boat, it’s a vessel we can live on for quite some time, which has its advantages but is also something that others might potentially envy. And what we will learn is we weren’t the only people with the bright idea to go to the water,” Erickson explained.

So don’t be discouraged by the zombie’s inability to swim- there will still be plenty of fear, guts, and danger in the seasons to come.
fear the walking dead question

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