Short movie clip of Dave Franco and Emma Roberts in upcoming film NERVE

Vee (Emma Roberts) and Ian (Dave Franco) tackle dare after dare together in NERVE!

Exciting, thrilling, and adventurous are all ways to describe the new film, Nerve, a game of dares, each harder than the other, for money, and when a dare is turned down – well, things get interesting. Vee (Emma Roberts) decides to join the popular virtual online game. Vee is initially dared to kiss a stranger and chooses Ian (Dave Franco). This compels the watchers to pair them together for a night in the city.

In the scene below, Vee and Ian are dared to enter an expensive and posh department store, Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, and try on outfits there. When suddenly they get dared to leave the store. Frantically, Vee and Ian search for their clothes and wallet and find them missing. Since, according to Vee the dare says they have to just leave the store; they march out in nothing but their undergarments, socks, and shoes.


Nerve is scheduled to hit theaters July 27, 2016. And the question is are you a watcher or a player?