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David Tennant’s Kilgrave in new JESSICA JONES Motion Poster and still

David Tennant’s Kilgrave is the focus in this new Jessica Jones poster

As Daredevil did last spring, Jessica Jones is doing this fall. Getting all the Marvel fans drooling for more. Well, we got more. We showed the Jessica Jones motion poster previously. And now, we get one for the villain of this series. David Tennant‘s Kilgrave poster comes with the Twitter tag, “You can’t run, #JessicaJones.”

As you can tell, it looks like they’re going to be hinting at the color purple as shown in the still below, however, not actually giving his skin the purple hue that it is in the comics. As when it comes to translating things from the books to movies or TV shows, the skin color can often be a complicated thing, especially when you’re trying to give the show a more realistic tone. Drastic skin color changes tend to give off a more cartoonish feel, and I don’t think that’s what this series wants to do.  As much as fans would say otherwise, it also can tend to be a distraction.


Haunted by a traumatic past, Jessica Jones uses her gifts as a private eye to find her tormentor before he can harm anyone else in Hell’s Kitchen.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is set to premiere on Netflix on November 20th, which is only a few weeks away now.  Will you be watching?

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