DC’S LEGEND OF TOMORROW 1.02 Recap – ‘Pilot, Part 2’

The LEGENDS OF TOMORROW are discovering their effects on the timeline in ‘Pilot, Part 2’!

‘Pilot, Part 2’ takes the Legends to Norway 1975, where Vandal Savage is the seller in a major arms deal. After Dr. Stein fakes the group’s way into the sale by being a total badass… he see accidentally buys a nuclear warhead and in the process, alerts Vandal Savage as to who they are, causing all hell to break loose.


Vandal Savage launches the nuclear device, but thankfully, Firestorm can absorb most of the atomic energy.


But.. the Atom suit was in action, guys! Unfortunately, a piece of it comes off mid-fight, which gives Vandal the technological advancements needed to destroy the world EARLY.

Ray’s Atom suit is made of a special alloy that is hard to track in the 1970s. But one of the very few people doing it is a young Martin Stein! Jefferson, Sara, and modern Martin pay him a visit! Young “Marty” invites the group to spark up a joint and chat physics. When Marty gets too curious, Sara has to knock him out to stealing alpha particles detector.


Meanwhile, Kendra and Carter are trying to unravel the mystery behind an ancient text leading to an Egyptian dagger that can kill Savage. Carter tries to put the moves on Kendra, citing destiny, but she is an INDEPENDENT WOMAN.


Leonard, Mick, and Ray break into a museum to get the needed dagger, but Leonard and Mick want ALL THE ARTIFACTS. The argument leads to Ray and Leonard getting trapped in a laser security vault. The two have to come to terms with each other’s skills to make their way out.


Then the owner comes home aaaaand it’s Vandal Savage!

In the world of Martin Stein, there’s a problem. Sara has re-acquired the suit technology with ease, while stoned.


BUT young Marty has found them– and he doesn’t go to the mixer where he met his wife all those years ago. Thankfully, they’re able to get him away from the Waverider without revealing the details of their mission or identities, but is it enough?


In a last Harrah, the Legends head to Savage’s. They recover the dagger, Hawkman seemingly kills Savage. But there’s a rule: Only Hawkgirl can kill Savage with the blade, because it belonged to her.

And so Hawkman dies at the hands of Vandal Savage… again.


But he’ll come back. Right?!

Thankfully, Rip Hunter contacted young Martin Stein and gets him to the mixer where he first met his wife. He’s still married!

With the future of 2016 recovered and Kendra recovering from her injuries, the rest of the team decides to continue hunting Savage. It’s their mission, now with a touch of personal vendettas!


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