DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Adding Vixen (But Not Megalyn Echikunwoke)

DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is bringing on a known superhero, but with a twist!

After the loss of both Captain Cold and Hawkgirl in its final episodes, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is picking up some fresh new superheroes for Season 2! The first to be announced is Vixen, but the animal-empowered hero won’t be featured in the same way we’ve seen her before.

Both on the CW Seed animated show and a Season 4 Arrow guest spot, Vixen aka Mari McCabe was brought to life by Megalyn Echikunwoke (who also goes by Megalyn E.K.) But Legends of Tomorrow is using its time-travel concept to bring a new, younger version of the character on board who will be portrayed by a different actress.

The show did not explain the choice to recast the character. Megalyn Echikunwoke has an upcoming film called Step-Sisters that’s currently in pre-production and could have other yet-to-be-announced projects keeping her from following the show’s schedule. However, that same time-travel notion that allows Legends to cast a younger Vixen could also be used to bring in Megalyn’s version of the character in later episodes.

On the show and in the comics, Vixen and her family have the ability to tap into the powers of animals to defeat their enemies.

No word yet on when Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 will begin filming or return to the air.



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