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Dean finds out nothing ever gets deleted from the internet in this SUPERNATURAL clip

New Supernatural episode delves into the internet

The internet gets directly involved in this latest Supernatural episode, titled “Halt & Catch Fire”, which is a direct reference to the AMC computer-boom drama Halt and Catch Fire.   Check out the clip of the episode.

To take his mind off of the Mark of Cain, Dean goes hunting. They track down a ghost that is killing college students through electronics and the internet.

From the clip, this episode is already looking to tickle our funny bone yet again.  A couple of reasons I say that is, first off, the music.  For those of you who watch the show, you’ll already be familiar with the high-pitched synth keys working that humorous tone that associates the show with that extra dose of levity.  And it looks like it’s taking it up another notch when you note not only the fact that Sam (Jared Padalecki) has to work on a pink sorority laptop, but the child-like manner in which Dean (Jensen Ackles) tackles his lunch – “I got italian, got chinese…serve yourself froyo!”

It only gets better when Sam informs Dean about the true nature of the Internet, while Dean munches sloppily on his spaghetti, noodles hanging out his mouth.

“Now I’m going through her deleted files.”

“You can do that?”


Dean looks surprised, hmphs, then continues eating.

“I mean, nothing ever really gets deleted from the internet.”

Dean looks up at Sam, makes a troubled face about this statement.  Sam looks at hims questioningly.

“You knew that, right?”

Dean nods it off with a shaky, barely audible, “Yeah!”  Then stuffs more food into his mouth. 

Oh, that’s so Dean!

Let’s see how Sam and Dean deal with the evil inside the machine.  Unfortunately for Castiel or Crowley fans, it doesn’t look like those two will be making any major appearance in this episode, but we hope to see them soon enough.

Supernatural episode takes on the internet

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