DEATHSTROKE Movie In The Works With THE RAID Director

As THE BATMAN changes course, Deathstroke may get his own movie!

The Raid director Gareth Evans is allegedly entering the DC Entertainment Universe to bring a beloved villain to the big screen!

Last September, DC announced that Joe Manganiello was cast as popular baddie Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke for The Batman, a solo movie following the caped crusader. However, since then, The Batman has undergone has had some tumultuous times, if rumors are to be believed. They indicate that director Matt Reeves is totally re-working the entire story, meaning that Deathstroke may no longer be included, and even suggest that current Batman Ben Affleck won’t be involved in the project.

According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. is now looking to do a Deathstroke solo film manned by Evans, who was reportedly in the competition to direct Justice League Dark prior to these talks, with Manganiello still in the role. Nothing is set in stone quite yet as Warner Bros. and Gareth Evans have not signed a contract.

Though he’s best known by comic book fans as a Batman villain, Deathstroke is also prominently featured in the DC television universe on Arrow, where he is played by Manu Bennett.

By Kait

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