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The Delinquents are Back Together in THE 100 ‘Nevermore’ Promo and Photos

The delinquents are together once again in the new promo and promotional photos for The 100 episode, ‘Nevermore!’

The third season of The 100 has been more action-packed than ever, but this tends to lead to our favourite characters being separated for multiple episodes. But it looks as if a reunion of sorts is in store for the ‘delinquents’ (the name given to the original team of characters from season one), as the promo for next weeks episode shows them all together in an effort to save Raven (Lindsey Morgan). The episode, titled ‘Nevermore,’ which is a reference to the Edgar Allan Poe Poem ‘The Raven,’ which Raven recited at the beginning of last weeks episode, follows our favourite characters as they race to try to save Raven from A.L.I.E.’s clutches. Check out the promo below:

This promo shows our characters trying desperately to save Raven, with an especially emotional Clarke (Eliza Taylor), which is nice to see as there has been almost no interaction between Clarke and Raven this season so far, despite their relationship being so important in the first two seasons. It also shows Bellamy (Bob Morley) reuniting with Clarke, something that many fans have been waiting to see. It looks like despite their disagreements this season, Bellamy continues to be Clarke’s partner when it comes to decisions like this, which gives us many season one throwbacks to when they were a strong leading duo.

The promotional photos, shown below, also show the return on Niylah (Jessica Harmon), who may be instrumental in saving Raven, as it was shown earlier this season that she has a wristband, which we know could help Raven. They also show a new look for Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) who’s hair is down, a huge change from the intricate and enviable braids we have seen her wear for most of the last season and this one.

The official synopsis for the episode also hints at more of Octavia’s inner struggle after Lincoln’s tragic death, and Monty (Christopher Larkin) having to make a tough decision:

RAVEN’S DARK SIDE COMES OUT — Alie (guest star Erica Cerra) forces Raven’s (Lindsey Morgan) dark side to come out, and Jasper’s (Devon Bostick) anger continues to grow. Meanwhile, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) wrestles with her place in the world, and Monty (Christopher Larkin) is forced to make a split second decision. Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Isaiah Washington and Bob Morley also star.

Check out the promotional photos below:

I know I can’t wait to see all of the ‘delinquents’ together again, even if it isn’t under the best circumstances. But I know that somehow they will find a way to save Raven, as with Bellamy and Clarke together again, there is nothing they can’t do.

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‘Nevermore’ airs on Thursday April 14th at 9|8c on The CW.


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