Delirium Fandom’s Fancasting Index: Grace Tiddle Part 1

Caitlin Carmichael

About: Best known for playing Jenny McCarthy’s daughter in the Webisode In the Motherhood. She has also appeared on a number of TV shows and commercials.


-She is currently in the right age range at 8 years old, but could easily pass for the 6 year old Grace now.

-She’s talented. She’s been nominated for the Annual Young Artist Award for two consecutive years (2011 and 2012).

-She has a solid resume for someone so young. She’s been acting since she was 3 and has appeared in many television shows, movies commercials in that time.


-Will she look too old to play Grace once filming begins? Hard to say, but I think she is a capable actress who would do Grace justice!

Nikki Hahn (Sofia)

About: Best known for playing Tom Hanks’ daughter on a Jimmy Kimmel Live Skit, where she’s made multiple appearances.  She’s also appeared in commercials, films and a number of TV shows.


-Like Caitlin, she is currently in the right age range, though a little older at 9.

– She’s been acting most of her life. She started acting when she was 3 and has had steady work for the past few years.


-She doesn’t have as much as experience as some other young actresses out there, but this really shouldn’t hold her back from making a great Grace!

-She also might not look young enough to portray a six year old when filming commences, but we won’t know until the time comes.

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