Delirium pilot to be turned into Fox by end of April

During a twitter conversation between fan Mel and the production assistant on the set, Sacha Irwin, after Mel tweeted out a campaign video for the Delirium pilot, which can be seen here, Sacha let us know what the next step in the process was for the potential series:

Sacha went on further to say that, depending on the network, it’s possible for a fall release, which means a September showing.  Although September does seem quite a ways away, it’s not uncommon to have new shows in September.  The hope is that Fox will really like the pilot episode enough to at least get a few more episodes filmed, and then it’s up to the watchers to decide on whether they like it enough for Fox to greenlight it for a full season.

However, I’m not a television expert.  I’m just going by a hypothesis that that’s how things work generally in Hollywood, at least with TV shows.

Fans of the book series aren’t the only ones hoping for the show to get picked up.  There are the actors that put in their time into making this a good enough show to have a steady job in.  Here’s what actor Delon de Metz (Fred Hargrove) tweeted out:

Right now, editing is still being done, as Lauren Oliver so kindly showed us via her tumblr:

It’s only just a matter of time, and possibly some campaigning, and September will be here before we know, with something to show us for our efforts.

(source: Deliriumnet)

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