Delirium Quotes on Tumblr

Tumblr has been a great resource for Delirium trilogy fans to date, and we’ve been making an effort the last few days to bring you some of the best stuff from there. We’ve spoken before about how profoundly quotable Delirium is, so here are three quotes posted on Tumblr we gathered for your enjoyment!

The first really exemplifies Alex’s insightful personality (and why — it seems — most fans insist on remaining loyal to him despite Julian’s emergence in Pandemonium). Alex is, among other things, very optimistic, so it’s fitting that he would find hope in the color gray. A pessimist might see gray as “half dark” and an optimist as “half light.” Or to quote the Grateful Dead, “Every silver lining’s got a touch of gray.”

The second quote is one of those deep, psychological fragments that — we have to believe — come from Lauren Oliver herself. In the history of human emotion, there have been countless books and real-life scenarios where people who have sunk to huge lows developed a much greater appreciation for the more glorious moments.

Quick example: I was just watching 127 Hours last night, and there’s no question that Aron Ralston was a happier man after enduring his extraordinary struggle. Of course, nobody should have to go through that, but the idea is there.

Another example: You see a news report that your house was burnt to ashes and freak out for an hour. Then you find out it was a false report. You’re in the same situation you were an hour ago, but suddenly you appreciate your house much MUCH more.

The final quote, like the second, is one of those general morsels of wisdom, but it connects on a more somber level. When do people truly get over grieving for someone they’ve lost? Is it at the funeral? Oliver contends it’s when the pain passes, and notice how she uses the words “lose someone.” She could have just said “forgotten,” but the concept of losing a part of you rings much more potently. That…is why Lauren Oliver is selling thousands of books, and why you’re visiting this site!

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