Delirium Trilogy Fanfiction Spotlight: Laura Schiller

Hello, lovers and dreamers, and welcome to the first installment of the Delirium Trilogy Fanfiction Spotlight! In these incremental posts, I will showcase one talented writer who has used her skills to broaden the world of Delirium!

Today, let’s take a look at some of Laura Schiller‘s work, from Laura has a beautiful way of getting into the minds of Oliver’s characters. You can tell she really ‘gets’ Alex, Hana, Lena, and Grace, among others. She also masterfully integrates song lyrics into the introductions of her pieces, setting the scene for her lovely prose to come. Here are some of her works that I found particularly appealing. Check them out and make sure to leave your praise and comments for Laura on this post’s comment section or by PMing her at Enjoy!

The Way That We Love

Summary: Alex escapes the Crypts in the only way he can: through memory.

Quote: I’m also not sorry she broke her promise by looking back. I’m glad the last thing I saw before the tranquilizing darts kicked in, before they hauled me off to the Crypts, was my Lena’s face: pale and defiant, her hair blowing in the first cold winds of autumn, her eyes blazing into mine across the wires. I pray that I will see her again in a better place than this.

Concrete Angel

Summary: Grace likes to pretend.

Quote: If she’s very, very quiet, so quiet that nobody notices her, maybe she’ll even disappear one day. That would be nice. Easier than living like this every day, like a statue pretending to be a real live girl.

Near to You

Summary: After the events of “Pandemonium”, Lena finds it hard to move on.

Quote: “People change,” he said simply. “People grow. If we’re lucky, we grow to fit around each other, soften each other’s edges. But sometimes we grow apart instead. It’s nobody’s fault, but it can’t be helped.”

If you are a Delirium fanfic writer and would like your work to be considered for the Spotlight, email us at and I’ll take a look at your work!

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