Delirium TV Pilot Wrapping Up: Now it Needs You!

The Delirium TV pilot filming has come to an end. The cast and crew have done their job and now it is up to us as fans to help!

As dedicated fans, we have a duty to help ensure that Fox picks up our favourite books for a full length Delirium TV show!

How do we help?
Firstly, you can watch this dedicated fans video for helping to make Delirium a world wide trending topic! We need you all to help spread the Deliria!

What else can you do?
If you are a blogger, then blog about Delirium! Use your tumblr, WordPress, etc to get your love and dedication out there! With fan art, original posts, videos, photos. Anything!

Facebook and Twitter- tweet using the hashtag #Delirium or #SpreadtheDeliria
Make your love for the books and your excitement for the series known! Perhaps even tweet the cast to show your love.

Join Facebook pages for the series, including our very own fandom page! Like and comment!

Fan art
If you are creative then show it! Put it on social networks, blogs, deviantART. Just get it out there and show that you are putting your love for the book/show into your own works!

Fan fiction
Do you write? Again, get it out and show people! is a great place to start.

Delirium needs to be shouted about! We cannot sit by. We shall do it together as a fandom and bring the world to life on our screens!

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