Delon De Metz Cast as Fred Hargrove in the Delirium Pilot

With work in the Delirium pilot starting today, according to a tweet from Emma Roberts, we’re rounding out the cast with Delon de Metz as Fred Hargrove, son of Mayor Elyse Hargrove and Hana Tate’s pair!

de Metz began his acting career only two years ago on ABC Family’s short-lived State of Georgia and has since had roles in Applebaum, Model Minority, and The Underground Railroad, among others.

Here’s what Lauren Oliver had to say on her tumblr:

Wow, you can see why Hana’s parents would be so eager for her to be paired with him! Excited that the cast is rounding out and that Delon De Metz has been cast as Freddie!

By Kait

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