Delroy Lindo Cast in SHIELD spinoff, MARVEL’S MOST WANTED

Delroy Lindo cast as Dominic Fortune for Marvel’s Most Wanted

It was announced last  year that Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird (Adrianne Palicki) and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) would be starring in a spinoff titled Marvel’s Most Wanted.  Not much has been said since then, however, today, according to TV Line, actor Delroy Lindo has been added to the cast for the show, and will be playing Dominic Fortune.

Delroy Lindo to play Dominic Fortune in Marvel's Most WantedThe character’s real name is Duvid Fortunov.  He was an adventure seeking rogue-turned-mercenary who was recruited by Nick Fury to be part of the Avengers and helped stopped The Red Skull and his plans.  Later in life, he helped Iron Man defeat Iron Monger, but at the expense of his son.  And in the Civil War, he was listed as a sympathizer to the Superhuman Registration Act.

Delroy Lindo was last seen on the TV series “Blood & Oil,” and in the movie remake Point Break.

Source: TVLine

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