Demon Baby Sympathizer

On Tumblr Cassandra Clare has gotten one of her friends Sarah Rees Brennan to answer a question sent by some confused fans. This question was about the motives for Sebastian’s actions. I have to say, the answer was interesting. This is a some of the response (It was a long answer)!

My friend and I were having our daily TMI/ID discussion and realized that were aren’t quite exactly sure WHAT Sebastian’s plan is. Valentine had a very clear plan and reason behind it. Sebastian says that he wants to ‘burn down the world’ a lot but he doesn’t get into the why. Because his mother didn’t love him? Because he has demon blood and that’s what demon’s do? It just doesn’t seem very credible to want to destroy everything “because I’m evil.” (asked by elusiveladye)

I decided to turn this question over to Sarah Rees Brennan, as she is my on hand Sebastian expert and an objective eye.

“Hahahaha objective. What Cassie means is, we are in a French manor drinking grapefruit juice and I am freaky about demon babies, so she thought it would be hilarious to turn this over to me. (I like them. Poor precious babies. They didn’t ask to be demonic, did they? Izzy wizzy satanwookums.)

Well, okay. Let’s first examine Valentine’s plan. Actually, I don’t think it was as good as Sebastian’s.

Valentine’s plan was to dial 1800-ANGEL and be like ‘I just met you/and this is crazy/but I’m a magic racist/destroy all this icky magic people maybe?’

And since he was a loonball who’d just decided based on little evidence that angels would totally be into his whole agenda, Raziel went ‘So I created Shadowhunters to deal with demons because I didn’t want to be bothered with all this? And now you’re bothering me to smite people. OKAY, I’LL SMITE SOMEONE. IT’S CALLED DELEGATION BUDDY, LOOK IT UP!’

Raziel was extremely upset to see both Valentine and more recently, Simon. If the Little Demon Who Could summoned him, one can only imagine it would go poorly.

Sebastian has no intention of getting angels involved. Instead, his plan is to get demons involved (so far, Lilith, very helpful, clearly would’ve run to the store to buy Sebastian his favourite juice. I believe Sebastian’s favourite juice is Blood of the Innocent). And to create an evil army to reorder the world in his image (so far, also pretty successful, people have been eviled up a treat!)

The link to the full response is here.

What do you think? Do you sympathies with Sebastian or do you feel only anger towards him? Tell us your opinion by commenting below.

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