Design Mom Interviews Ally Condie

Ally Condie is talking all the writing, creativity, family, and how she manages it all over at Design Mom!

Ally Condie Matched Trilogy International Book Collection
International Book Collection in Ally’s Office

Here’s a hilarious snippet:

Q: What’s your earliest memory of being creative…and how was your attempt received by your family?

A: My earliest memory of being creative was of writing a story about pregnant unicorns. I dictated it to my (very patient) babysitter and she was lovely about it. I think that, in my young mind, the only thing better than plain old unicorns were those with the ability to give birth to EVEN MORE unicorns! I don’t remember reading it to my family or sharing it with them, but the fact that it was lovingly preserved in my box of childhood artifacts all these years speaks volumes. (Thanks, Mom!)

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