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First Details of Misha Collins’ New Cookbook Revealed

Misha Collins, star of Supernatural, takes his talents from the screen to the kitchen.

Back in March, Supernatural star Misha Collins dropped a hint that he was working on a cookbook along with his wife, Vicki, and their two children, West and Maison. Now, Collins being Collins, fans weren’t quite sure if he was joking or not.

The Collins are no strangers to cooking. In fact, their series “Cooking Fast and Fresh with West” is well-known throughout the Supernatural fandom. With Mom behind the camera, West (and eventually Maison) took control of the kitchen while Dad helped them concoct…the unimaginable. If you’re not familiar with “Cooking Fast and Fresh with West,” you must remedy that:

Today, publisher Harper Collins (how fitting) announced that Collins’ book of recipes is, indeed, in the works. Its title is an homage to the popular YouTube videos as well as a symbol made infamous by GISH (that is, Collins’ annual scavenger hunt for charity): The Sock Monkey Cookbook: Cooking Fast ‘n Fresh with West & Misha Collins. There is very little information about the book at the moment, but Harper Collins did confirm a page count (256) and a publication date (June 4th, 2019).

Can’t wait a minute longer? You can pre-order Collins’ book via Harper Collins’ website.

Maison and West appreciating a zucchini dish this summer (via Collins’ Twitter)

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