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New Details Revealed About THE FLASH Season 5 Villain

We know his name, we know his power, and we know that he’s out for blood.

Thanks to Grant Gustin, The Flash‘s fanbase can now rest easy in knowing a bit more about this upcoming season, contrary to past seasons. So what do we know about season five’s big baddie? Well, we know his name is Cicada and we know he’ll be portrayed by Chris Klein. We also now know that no metahuman is safe and that Barry’s time-traveling daughter Nora played a role in bringing Cicada to light.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what Gustin had to say on the subject:

We learn pretty early on, which shouldn’t come as a huge shock, that Nora being here actually has something to do with Cicada’s arrival. . . . He can dampen other metahuman powers, and we don’t know at first how he’s able to do that. He’s got an edge that no other big bad has ever had.

So whatever Nora did in the future, we can only assume that it’s so bad that she had to go back to get her speedster dad’s assistance. Just like The Thinker absorbed metahumans’ abilities, Cicada’s ability to dampen metahumans’ powers sounds like a recipe for disaster, at least for Team Flash. But Grant Gustin also teases that this new baddie also shares a few intimidating traits like previous Flash villains.

He comes on really hard and fast the first time we meet him, so right away there’s an intimidation factor that’s through the roof, similar to Zoom.

Thankfully, since The Flash Season 5 debuts Tuesday, October 9, at 8:00 p.m. ET., we won’t have to sit and wonder about Cicada for too long.


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