Dick Van Dyke Added to the MARY POPPINS RETURNS Cast

The Mary Poppins vet may be joining the sequel MARY POPPINS RETURNS, but probably not as his original character role.

Dick Van Dyke was close to forty-years-old when he starred in the original Mary Poppins film, dancing and singing alongside the inimitable Julie Andrews, and bringing fun and joy to the hearts of the young and young-at-heart with the magical film.

Now, it’s more than fifty years later, and there’s a sequel coming. And it’s just been confirmed that Van Dyke is going to actually be in Mary Poppins Returns.

This time around, he’ll be joining Emily Blunt in the title character role, Emily Mortimer and Ben Whishaw as the now grown-up siblings Jane and Michael Banks, Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury, Meryl Streep, and Hamilton the Musical’s Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack, a role┬ácompared to Van Dyke’s chimney-sweeper character Bert. Jack is a lamplighter.

The movie’s setting will take place approximately twenty years after the original, so due to Dick’s age (he’s 91), he won’t be reprising his chimney sweeper guy – unless there’s some time travel involved that we don’t know about.

It’ll be interesting how Dick Van Dyke will be utilized in the film, but it’ll be a nice wink to the original movie. We’ll keep you posted on when they release the details of his involvement in the movie.

Mary Poppins Returns is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day, December 25, 2018.


By Kait

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