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Mind-blowing Differences Between THE 100 Books and TV Show

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The 100 is a CW series that falls in the science fiction drama genre. It depicts a post-apocalyptic future where the Earth has become inhabitable. Humans have sought refuge in space after gathering a few resources. However, as time goes by, the resources start to run out forcing the officials to punish even the slightest of crimes by death or floating. Criminals under the age of 18 are, however, locked away. After a few generations, the imprisoned are sent back to earth to assess whether it is habitable again.

However, the TV show does not remain faithful to Kass Morgan’s dystopian novel in many ways. There are twists and turns, inclusions and omissions of characters that differentiate the book and the fan-favorite show. This post provides you with mind-blowing differences between The 100 TV series and the book.

1. Clarke

According to the books, Clarke is one of the four main characters who pioneered the journey back to Earth. Before that, she had been arrested and convicted for committing treason, thus booking her spot on the ship to Earth. In the books, she has some training in the medical field, an ability that becomes quite useful when they arrive on earth. Consequently, both her parents were scientists who were floated for going against the policies in space.

The TV show, on the other hand, brings out Clarke as a leader with ruthless traits. As a young girl, she was locked away for knowing too much. According to the show, the bond between Clarke and her mother remains intact. Her mother, Abby, has a great role as the story unfolds unlike in the book.

2. Both of Clarke’s Parents are killed

As the show begins, Clarke is rescued from execution by her mother who holds a respectable position in the Ark’s government. She later prepares her for a covert mission to earth. Her father was long dead by then.

According to Kass Morgan’s books, both her parents are dead. Dr. Lahiri, her late father’s closest friend, assumes the role of preparing her for the ground. On day 21, the book reveals that Clarke’s parents are both alive. They had been on a covert mission to earth orchestrated by Chancellor Jaha.

3. Missing Characters in the Book

The show has additional characters that are fundamental in the building of the plot. They include Finn, Jasper, Raven and Monty. However, the book has a whole different set of characters. The only shared ones are Bellamy, Clarke, Jaha, Wells, and Octavia. Finn is present only on the cover of the first The 100 book, but he’s not in the plot.

Glass is another character whose role is not well pronounced in the show. Before she is sent to earth, she escapes and stays in the Colony or the Ark. Her role provides a POV of the life in space as the oxygen level gets critical.

4. Chancellor Jaha is Bellamy’s Father

According to the book, Chancellor Jaha is Bellamy’s father, implying that Wells is Bellamy’s half-brother. The show, however, doesn’t reveal this information in the onset. Consequently, there is a rivalry between Wells and Bellamy in the book because they both have strong feelings for Clarke. To avoid each other, they engage in side-quests; for instance, as Wells meets a Grounder girl called Sasha, Bellamy goes on a mission to rescue Octavia who had been kidnapped.

5. Wells Lives in the Books

In the show, Wells only gets to appear in three episodes, after which he is killed by a little girl, Charlotte. Finn, who is a more edgy character, replaces him immediately. However, in Kass Morgan’s book, Wells is alive and plays a significant role as a POV character. He and Clarke begin on the wrong foot, but later makeup. They share a short relationship before finally deciding to be friends.

Wells soon gets entangled with Sasha, who is a Grounder girl, while Clarke and Bellamy embark on an adventure together. Also, Wells assumes a leadership role while Bellamy is portrayed as a reckless character who stays in the shadows. There is a role interchange in the show after the death of Wells. Clarke and Bellamy join to lead the group against further threats in their quest.

6. The Grounders

In the show, the Grounders form an integral part of the protagonists faced by The 100 upon reaching the ground. There is a war between the Grounders and Clarke’s group from the spaceship which leads to the death of some key characters. However, in the book, the Grounders are called Earthborns and aren’t involved in a fight with the group from space. The Earthborns have prior knowledge of the existence of the “sky people.”

According to the book, Wells leads a romantic life with a Grounder. This is different from the show where Octavia is actually the one who falls in love with a Grounder.

Despite the differences between the two versions of The 100, both the storylines are interesting. If you haven’t read the book, give it a chance to help you enjoy this drama in a new aspect.

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