Director Phillip Noyce and Author Lois Lowry Talk ‘The Giver’


Being one of the first YA Dystopian novels, The Giver struggled harder than it’s counterpart novels to make it to film. Ironic that it comes to screenplay when those counterparts have made it big on the big screen.

The Giver film director Phillip Noyce and The Giver author Lois Lowry interview with Collider to talk about the many screenplays that were adapted and failed and how the novel-to film transition gave justice to the book.

Phillip Noyce and Lois Lowry:

  • Lois Lowry on the various different versions of The Giver that never made it to the big screen
  • Phillip Noyce on the balance between fidelity to the source material and putting his own spin on it
  •  Lois Lowry on her favorite change in the film from the novel
  • Phillip Noyce on the use of stock footage in The Giver

You can watch the full interview HERE.

Source: Collider