Directors Talk Plot in FROZEN FEVER Featurette

Frozen Fever featurette with directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee explain the details of the plot in this Frozen Fever featurette.  We get to see all our favorite characters from Frozen and revisit the town of Arendelle.  Watch as they explain what this cute short is going to be about, which will be shown with the live-action Disney movie, Cinderella.

Wait.  What?  So, it’s called Frozen Fever, and Queen Elsa, the Ice Queen, has a cold?  Hmmm.  Well, suffice it to say, of course we’ll still watch it.  First of all, it’s additional dose of Frozen, and if you still love the movie like I do, then you’ll want to see it.  Secondly, it’s going to be the warm-up (get it?) to Cinderella, starring the lovely Lily James and the ever-so-handsome and clean shaven Rob Stark, er, Richard Madden (he’s still Robb Stark, but a happier version).

Anyway, you can see more stills from Frozen Fever here, or you can watch the latest Cinderella video here.  The movie and short come out in theaters March 10th!

Frozen Fever featurette gives plot details

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