Discover DUMPLIN’s “Girl In The Movies” With Cast, Dolly Parton

Discover the influence of Dolly Parton in a new DUMPLIN’ featurette!

Netflix’s Dumplin’, based on the hit YA novel by Julie Murphy, is now streaming!

The movie tells the story of Willowdean Dickson (Danielle MacDonald), a plus-sized Texas teen with a sharp wit whose protest entry into a beauty pageant to spite her mother (Jennifer Aniston) shakes up the social hierarchy in her small town. Along the way, she’ll find her courage tested in unexpected ways, because making a statement is never easy.

Willowdean and her best friend Ellen (Odeya Rush) are obsessed with Dolly Parton and the country artist is a major influence on her decisions, so things really came full circle when Dolly agreed to do the movie’s soundtrack, including remixes of her classic hits and new original material. One new song is “Girl In The Movies,” a dreamy, slightly melancholy tune about wanting movie-star confidence which became the main single off the soundtrack. The song just earned Dolly a Golden Globe nomination.

In a new Netflix featurette, the Dolly Parton talks about creating the song with songwriter/producer Linda Perry while several members of the cast talk about Dolly’s influence on the production. Check it all out at the top of the post!

Dumplin’ is available now on Netflix.

By Kait

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