Discover The Faults Of A Fan Favorite In ‘Everything Wrong With THE LION KING’

“Everything Wrong With THE LION KING” takes on the sins of a childhood classic!

The motto for the YouTube channel CinemaSins is that “No movie is without sin”. Apparently, they’re not messing around. The channel is now taking on one of Disney’s most beloved features ever, one that certainly helped define childhood for plenty of millennials, in “Everything Wrong With The Lion King”!

The video delves into the story’s tells and inconsistencies, incompetent villainy, the cheaper jokes that sometimes make an appearance, insta-love, and why there’s no way Simba should have physically bested his evil uncle Scar to win back the crown.

All things considered, CinemaSins does touch upon how great the movie is and “sins” it very lightly while staying true to their motto!

everything wrong with the lion king

By Molly

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