Disney Airs Teasers for TOMORROWLAND, INSIDE OUT

Disney took advantage of both Super Bowl lovers and defiers with two well-placed teasers last night!

Over the past couple days, we heard a lot of buzz about Disney’s release of the TOMORROWLAND teaser during Super Bowl XLIX. The television event is one of the most-watched each year, so the choice to advertise wasn’t exactly a surprise. Still, we were excited to see the result!

The plot behind the live-action film starring Britt Robertson, George Clooney, and Hugh Laurie is still very much a mystery but the spot gives fans a much better look at the futuristic set and it’s rich, detailed special effects.

TOMORROWLAND was expected, but Disney didn’t prepare us for the curveball on another network!

The super Bowl Sunday event of the year for non=sports lovers is the somewhat infamous Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, which features shelter dogs up for adoption “competing” in their own games.

It was during this very family-friendly event that Disney/Pixar aired the latest look at INSIDE OUT, making its television debut just now despite originally surfacing online in December.

Which film are you looking forward to more?


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