Disney and Science Just Don’t Mix In “Everything Wrong With BIG HERO 6”

“Everything Wrong With BIG HERO 6” humorously skewers Disney’s latest hit animation!

BIG HERO 6 became a big hit after its release last November, impressing both audiences and voters on the award circuit. The film (somewhat controversially) won Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards this year. But no movie comes without its flaws and Cinema Sins is ready to expose “Everything Wrong With BIG HERO 6”!

From far too many homages to other classic Disney scenes (and lots of other movies) to ignoring science in a science-based movie, find out exactly how high BIG HERO 6 hits on the sin meter!

We love how Cinema Sins points out that Baymax’s health technology is so advanced that he could basically help cure the whole world, but it’s so underutilized in the films! We’ll just imagine a post-BIG HERO 6 San Fransokyo in which Baymax saves countless lives!

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