Disney at work on MALEFICENT Sequel

Disney to make deal with Linda Woolverton to write Maleficent sequel

We may not get a Tomorrowland sequel (sadly, the movie didn’t quite perform as well as hoped), but a Maleficent sequel is more likely to happen in the near future. Disney has been working on a deal with screenwriter Linda Woolverton to write up the sequel.

Along with Maleficent, Woolverton wrote the screenplays for the animated Disney films The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. She also wrote the screenplay for the live-action versions of Alice in Wonderland starring Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp, and Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, which is currently in production.

Obviously, the plan for the sequel is to have Angelina Jolie reprise her role as the title character, however, nothing has been set in stone regarding that hurdle. However, producer Joe Roth will return.

So, what do you think about a Maleficent sequel. Considering there was not Sleeping Beauty sequel, and the deviation from the original tale, this will be fairly new ground for this character’s storyline. There hasn’t even been word on whether Elle Fanning will return as well as Aurora, but since it hasn’t been mentioned, maybe they want to focus solely on Maleficent.

If this does happen, I hope they bring back Sam Riley’s Diaval character.  He would make for an interesting subplot.  And hey, maybe she can turn into a real dragon this time!

Source: Deadline

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