Disney Developing Live Action WINNIE THE POOH Movie

Live action. Live action everywhere! Including WINNIE THE POOH!

winnie the pooh

Disney is riding its recent live-action success with CINDERELLA straight to the bank. The fairy tale company recently announced plans to develop a realistic remake of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, DUMBO, and MULAN. Now, classic childhood series WINNIE THE POOH can be counted among the remakes coming soon!

Disney has reportedly hired LISTEN UP PHILIP screenwriter/director Alex Ross Perry to script a WINNIE THE POOH live-action film. The story will focus on an adult Christopher Robin.

A steady stream of WINNIE THE POOH cartoons have gone straight to video over the years, but this is the first foray into live-action for the lovable bear and his woodland friends. As with BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and DUMBO, we imagine this film will be very CGI heavy.


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