Disney Premieres Official MALEFICENT Trailer


Oh yes, I think Angelina Jolie would be a great evil witch queen.  She certainly can up the evil factor with her sharp eyebrows and catty eyes.  The colored contacts certainly help.  But most of all, she can act evil and mysterious very brilliantly.  And to me, Maleficent is still one of the scariest villains Disney has ever shown on screen.  If you’ve seen Disney’s animated Sleeping Beauty film, you should know what I mean.  I’m excited to see how well she translates to live action in this movie.

Check out the full poster below.


Maleficent stars Angelina Jolie as the title character, Elle Fanning (Super 8) as Princess Aurora, and Brenton Thwaites (Home and Away) as Prince Phillip.  Also in the film are Sharlto Copley (District 9), Juno Temple (The Dark Knight Rises), Miranda Richardson (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who), and Imelda Staunton (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix).