Disney Releases First Synopsis For FINDING DORY

Fans of Disney/Pixar’s FINDING NEMO are eagerly awaiting its sequel, FINDING DORY and now they can celebrate! We’ve finally got some new details about the film!

Pixar released this short synopsis of Finding Dory while at Comic Con Experience Brazil:

A traumatizing event sets off Dory’s ‘homing instinct,’ and the forgetful fish sets out in search of her family, who are living on a reef. Meanwhile, Nemo and Marlin are out looking for her.

At the con, Pixar president Jim Morris talked about the film in a little more detail, the biggest bit of which was discussed on Geek Tyrant:

One of the biggest reveals is that the story will be mainly set in the Marine Biology Institute of California, which is a huge rehabilitation complex for marine life. Dory learns she was born and raised at the institute and was then released in the ocean when she was a kid. New characters will also be introduced, such as an octopus, sea lions, a beluga whale, and others.

Finding Dory poster