Disney Reveals Never-Before-Seen TANGLED Concept Art and Facts

Check out this TANGLED concept art and discover what ALMOST changed in the Disney favorite!

It’s amazing how a few small differences can make a big difference in the personality and style of a film. Disney has released some never-before-seen TANGLED concept art, from whimsical landscapes to some of the first character sketches. The art is also accompanied by some quotes on how the look of the characters was almost very different and how the final designs were inspired. Take a look!

Take a look at some the comments from the animation team:

Flynn originally didn’t have the smolder:

“Before, in earlier versions of the character, he was a big, very soft-minded-but-warm-hearted guy, and not as handsome as this guy!”

Poor Pascal was almost a rodent!:

“Glen Keane originally wanted Rapunzel’s companion to be a squirrel – he felt like you can’t rub your check on a chameleon. But I really felt that for our girl, it would be something different.”

Rapunzel’s kindgom was shaped after two other Disney staples:

“When I got on the project, they were trying to get a cross between Pinocchio and Cinderella. They wanted that thickness of Pinocchio, but they wanted the lyrical shapes, the graceful shapes of Cinderella. So I was trying to come up with a cross between the two.”


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