Disney YA Novels + These Songs = A Formula For Happiness

Disney YA Novels + These Songs = A Formula For Happiness

If you love Disney movies, you’re going to love Disney YA novels. And Disney movies are full of songs (and sometimes with dancing!), so what’s to say you can’t experience the books the same way? Here’s a list of YA books from Disney Publishing, along with some songs that will create the perfect reading experience! 

A Thousand Nights and “Fight Song” by Rachel PlattenA-thousand-Nights-and-Rachel-Platten-Fight-SongA Thousand Nights is a retelling of the classic 1,001 Nights, but this time around, strong, empowered women take the stage, with one girl in particular working to overthrow a tyrannical leader. To fit the mood is Rachel Platten’s Fight Song – and when you listen, you’ll definitely see why, with all the lyrics matching the themes of the book. 

A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale and “Lean On” by Major Lazer and DJ Snake featuring MØA-Whole-New-World-A-Twisted-Tale-Lean-OnA Whole New World: A Twisted Tale is the alternate ending of Aladdin – “What if Aladdin never found the lamp?” Now instead of a happy ending, our rags-to-riches hero must work together with Jasmine and the gang to defeat the new, evil owner of the lamp. Aladdin has to “lean on” his friends, and a song aptly titled “Lean On” describes their situation perfectly.

Before Tomorrowland and “A Story About the Future” by Michael GiacchinoBefore-Tomorrowland-and-Tomorrowland-SoundtrackThe prequel to Tomorrowland is rightfully paired with Michael Giacchino’s score for the movie, adding onto the magical effect of the book.

A Frozen Heart and Never Ending Circles by CHVRCHESFrozen-Heart-and-Every-Open-EyeA Frozen Heart is for all Frozen fans. If you wanted to learn more about Han’s and Anna’s experiences throughout the movie, this is the book for you. And CHVRCHES’ latest release Never Ending Circles is basically Anna’s song to Han’s: ♫ Throw me no more bones and I will tell you no lies, this time at least I am not so cold, you give me everything I never deserved, this time you know I’ll leave ♫, You go Anna!

Star Wars: Lost Stars and “Photograph” by Ed SheeranStar-Wars-Lost-Stars-and-Ed-Sheerans-PhotographWhen we think of Star Wars, we usually think of all the action and adventure of traveling the galaxy. But in this latest installment to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there is also a beautiful love story about two childhood friends, a galaxy apart. One is part of the Rebellion, the other the Empire, but each has memories of better times, like in Ed Sheeran’s Photograph.

Hunter and “Paper Doll” by Bea MillerHunter-and-Bea-Miller-Paper-DollThe main character of Hunter, Joy Charmand, is a hunter whose job is to protect people from the danger surrounding them, that danger being otherworldly creatures. Bea Miller’s Paper Dolls defines Joy – strong and independent.

Trollhunters and “Dark Side” by R5Trollhunters-and-R5-Dark-SideTrollhunter is about Jim Sturges, a boy whose life is turned upside down when a 45-year old mystery resurfaces and threatens his town. In order to combat the imminent evil, he teams up with other unlikely heroes (with some un-human ones). R5’s Dark Side is a great accompanying piece to this exciting tale of adventure.

Black Widow: Forever Red and “Keys to the Past” by Brian TylerBlack-Widow-Forever-Red-and-Avengers-Age-of-UltronEvery fan of the Avengers says that the films need more of our favorite Black Widow, and look no further. There’s an entire book dedicated to her, and her past, after she reunites with a girl she saved long ago, Ava Orlova. The Avengers: Age of Ultron soundtrack is totally fitting, as this novel gives readers the “keys” to Natasha’s past.

The Beast Within and “Holding On” by DisclosureThe-Beast-Within-and-Disclosure-Holding-On

Do you ever wondered who Beast was before he met Belle and became a better, changed man? (In other words, when he was the Beast) This book will be right for you. The lyrics of Disclosure’s Holding On even describe how our favorite Beast might be feelings: ♫ Though my past has left me bruised I ain’t hiding from the truth. ♫

Once Upon A Time: Red’s Untold Tale and “Here For You” by Kygo featuring Ella HendersonOnce-Upon-A-Time-and-Kygo-and-Ella-HendersonIf you’re an Once Upon a Time fan, and you also miss seeing Red on the show, this book is all about her! Red’s Untold Tale details the sacrifices she made for the ones she loves. So it makes sense that Here for You should suit the themes of the book nicely.

Here’s the playlist for the books on Spotify! 

If your suddenly inspired to read some Disney, get these books at Disney Publishing! Any of these catch your eye? Tell us in the comments!


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