Dive Into the first AQUAMAN Trailer

Discover Arthur Curry’s story and biggest foe in this look at AQUAMAN!

The King of the Seven Seas is about to claim his throne in the first trailer for DC’s Aquaman!

The trailer introduces Arthur Curry, a part-human, part-Atlantian man raised on Earth. We meet young Arthur, who’s a bit scrawny but clearly has a connection to the water and all of its animals early on. His unusual youth leads him to become a hardened adult with a coy sense of humor, but when Mera arrives with a message, Arthur isn’t quite ready to take his power to the next level.

Mera wants Arthur to challenge his brother, King Orum, who seeks to start a war and destroy the surface world. While he doesn’t want to necessarily rule Atlantis, Arthur may have to reluctantly fight his brother and claim the throne if he wants to save humans from the creatures of the seas.

We don’t see more than a few flashes of the film’s other villain, Black Manta, but we’re seeing what the underwater environment looks like on a full scale (including underwater conversations) and much more of Mera and Orum.

Watch the trailer at the top of the post.

Aquaman is due to hit theaters on December 21, 2018.


By Kait

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